Welcome to Tamerler Lab

Our inspiration has been to decode the elegance contained in Nature`s highly organized, yet functional structures and systems and to develop the genetic code for designing bio-enabled materials using molecular recognition, self-assembly and self-organization principles in an integrated fashion combining experimental and computational tools. Combining the molecular biology to materials science, our research focus on the engineering of biomolecular systems for design, synthesis and biofabrication of materials in wide range of applications. Starting from designing the controllable interactions at the nanoscale systems, our goal is to create adaptable and multifunctional integrative bio-nano-technologies that can span multitude of length scales.

Lab News and Events

  • Congratulations to Sarah Woolfolk for successfully passing her Comprehensive Exam!

    Congratulations to Matthew Jaeschke for accepting a position at the University of Colorado Boulder as a Biological Engineering Ph.D student! He has graduated from the University of Kansas in 2021 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.